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Portada Segunda opinión

Medical Opinion

In partnership with Teladoc Health - Expert Medical Services, we offer a service focused on your well-being so that in case of a serious, complex, or chronic condition, you can have another point of view.

Your peace of mind
is our priority

You can access world's leading independent doctors, who will review your case, confirm or modify the diagnosis, and recommend the best steps to take for treatment by offering you a second medical opinion.


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Medical researchers and/ or professionals specializing in rare diseases will recommend the best treatment available for your condition.

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To critical medical questions that will help you make informed decisions for your treatment.

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Within a few days, you will receive a written medical report from the specialist selected to review your case.

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Without leaving your home

Request the service and receive the report from the best specialists, from the comfort of your home, without the need to travel.

Who is eligible?

All Bupa members with a serious, complex, or chronic condition seeking information
to make a medical decision about their treatment.

How to request a
Second Medical Opinion

If you are a Bupa Latin America insured, please send us your information through the following form:

Send your name, medical condition, and your specific Expert Opinion service request by email to:

After we receive your request, the doctor appointed to your case will contact you to explain the service and help you gather all the necessary medical documentation.

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The clinical committee will study your case and select the best internationally renowned independent experts and/ or professionals most suited to your condition.

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The expert physicians selected by the committee will study your case, confirm or review the diagnosis and recommend the best steps to take for your treatment.

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Upon completion of the process, you will receive a detailed report including your medical history, the opinions of medical specialists, medical journal references, and a brief profile for each of the specialists involved in the study of your case.

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A second opinion by worldwide
recognized physicians

We offer you the confidence of an expert opinion
in case of a severe illness

Médicos hablando

Who are
the experts?

Our experts are independent physicians, known internationally for their expertise. They are part of the medical community and have impeccable track records in renowned health centers worldwide.